Weather on Rhodes

Information about weather, climate and temperature on Rhodes

Rhodes weather overview

Rhodes is also called the “Island of Sun” as it has almost 300 sunny days per year.

Weather in Rhodes

Rhodes benefits from the famous Mediterranean climate of hot, sunny summers and mild winters, one of the reasons it became an extremely popular international tourist destination.


During summer months the maximum average temperature is 31°C. Daytime temperature stays at 30s while the nighttime temperature falls at about 20°C. Rain is rare during summer. May and September can also be considered as summer months on Rhodes because they have similar but a bit lower temperatures.


Autumn is a very pleasant and comfortable season on Rhodes. The temperature remains above 20°C until November. The sea temperature remains high enough for swimming. Throughout the season, the average temperature is at mid 20s while in November it falls below 20s. The season sees some rainy days, especially in November.


The winter season is mild but wet. January and February are the coolest months. The winter in Rhodes is more like the Northern European spring. A sunny day in December can see temperatures reaching up to 20°C. January and February are a bit cooler although the temperature rarely drops below 10°C.


Spring months are also very comfortable with decent amount of rainfall. Spring is also a good time to visit Rhodes. During May the daytime temperatures stand at 25°C. The levels of sunshine increases gradually and during May it receives more than ten hours of sunshine.

Rhodes climate table

In the table below, you can find information about temperature and sunlight duration on Rhodes.

JanFebMarAprMayJuneJuly AugSeptOctNovDecAnnual
Average Max Temperature (°C) 1515172024 2831312824 201723
Average Temperature (°C) 1212141721 2527272521 161319
Average Min Temperature (°C) 99101316 2022232117 131015
Number of Wet Days 19131275100 28101895
Average Sunlight Hours / Day 4h 27m5h 18m6h 48m8h 40m10h 07m11h 34m 12h 30m12h 13m10h 42m7h 52m6h 18m4h 19m8h 25m
Average Sea Temperature (°C) 1716161719 2123252422 201820